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About Me

My name is Michel Evani Romero. Im a Father, Husband, Son Uncle, Brother and Friend. I was born in Uruapan Michocan, Mexico. We moved to the United States because my parents saw it to be a fantastic opportunity to take care of their kids and try to provide us the best life possible.


From a very young age my dream was to be a business owner and run a store under my control and help others equally as much as they could help me through my products. 

At the age of 17 I fell in love with the world of nutrition and bodybuilding. I had no clue which supplements to be taking or the effects they can have on your body. It was through many years of study, research and spending my life fascinated with the human body that I came together which supplements work, which don't, and which ones to trust. 

My dreams came together opening Physique Sports Nutrition. I combined my love for nutrition and bodybuilding with my love for business and operating my own store.  I run my store every day in Sacramento California, and I would love to help you find anything you need, answer any questions or just be a friend here for you. 


Physique Sports Nutrition

Michel Evani Romero

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